Danish company seeks suppliers of posters.

Danish company seeks suppliers of posters and wall art with a sustainable touch.

The Danish company wants to create a universe of inspiration with decorative posters, wall art, and informative content that is based on a growth mentality and self-development so that humans can become the best version of themselves. The Danish company combines their passion with creative skills with the best products within: – Growth Mindset – Inspiration – Motivation – Quotes – Daily Reminder – Discipline – Personal Development – High Performance – Success – Lifestyle – Entertainment – Premium Wall Art The Danish company´s vision is to become Denmark’s leading inspiration universe with a wide selection of posters, wall art & content. The Danish company has full control over its value chain, and only works with suppliers who meet its strict requirements for proper working conditions as well as sustainable and natural production processes.

Ref. BRDK20230307003

Deadline 06/03/2024