Danish company seeks suppliers of posters and wall art with a sustainable touch. The Danish company wants to create a universe of inspiration with decorative posters, wall art, and informative content that is based on a growth mentality and self-development so that humans can become the best version of themselves. The Danish company combines their passion with creative skills with […]

Company is located in Kyiv. Company has 25-years of experience in the development of high-tech metal manufacturing solutions. Company has own design team and manufacturing facilities for production of critical equipment components that contains IP. Company’s patented metal 3D-printed technology makes the metal production fast and eco-friendly thanks to saving materials and energy. Company is looking for investments, preferably from […]

Company mission is to develop and sell a minimal, light-weight, digital camera system for aerial drones. Looking for partners to further explore the use cases of the developed product. Aid in development of target platforms. Ref. BRSE20230310010 Deadline 09/03/2024

The Site requires a controlled access, a Test area and Field office/Control Room, possibly a workshop/warehouse, with lunch room & sanitary. The Test Area shall respect the following: Closed perimeter with regulated access (managed by Company or the host) Accessibility to 10T truck Unload area for about 4 standard 20ft shipping container Distance from residential area > 100m Electrical power […]

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