Internationalization and the EU Single Market

SIMPLER provides support to companies aiming to pursue an internationalization strategy by helping them access information related to European legislation, community policies, opportunities within the single market, and international standards.

Access to new international markets

SIMPLER supporta le aziende nell’accesso ai mercati internazionali attraverso:

  • Internationalization strategies:through business analysis and assessment, SIMPLER supports companies to plan actions to achieve strategic objectives in foreign markets.
  • International partner searches:SIMPLER offers companies the opportunity to search for partners for commercial, technological, or research and development (R&D) collaborations through the EEN database of partner research profiles and the organization of B2B events.
  • Information and assistance on customs-related aspects and basic requirements for both intra-community and extracommunity trade.
  • Training seminars and information sessions on specific topics

EU Single Market

SIMPLER supports companies in accessing information about European legislation, community policies, opportunities within the Single Market and international norms.

It also promotes consultations proposed by the European Commission on matters related to various economic sectors. This active participation allows SMEs to engage in the European political process. SIMPLER collaborates with local institutions and stakeholders to ensure that the territory benefits from opportunities offered by the European Union.

In partnership with the REACH Help Desk of the Ministry of Economic Development, it provides targeted assistance regarding regulations related to chemical substance treatment.

Simpler organizes training and information seminars on specific topics relating to the EU Single Market