Sustainability and resilience

Analysis and Improvement of Sustainability

SIMPLER helps businesses in facilitating their transition toward economic, social, and environmental sustainability, a goal that ranks among the top priorities for the European Commission.

Through personalized assistance and the use of specific tools, SIMPLER offers the following:

  • information and training events on sustainability
  • assessment of the company’s sustainability level, including:
    • a qualitative assessment based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing companies to compare their performance with that of an international sample of businesses.
    • a ESG rating:a comprehensive quantitative evaluation of company performance related to environmental, social, and governance sustainability.
  • development of an action plan for sustainability
  • support for implementing the improvement plan


Europe faces a series of economic, environmental, and social challenges, particularly the crisis in Ukraine, which has severely impacted businesses due to supply chain disruptions.

To address these critical issues, the network has launched the Supply Chain Resilience platform (SCR). This platform helps companies preserve, restructure, or replace existing supply chains and source raw materials, parts, components, and/or (semi)finished goods or services necessary to maintain production.

By registering for free on the platform, companies can:

  • Publish offers for raw materials, parts, components, and/or (semi)finished goods or services
  • Promote requests to support their supply chains
  • Connect with international suppliers and buyers of goods and services
  • Establish international contacts with businesses, entrepreneurial organizations, and academic institutions

Participation is free, subject to registration via the online platform:  https://supply-chain-resilience-platform.b2match.io/